Are these real clothes? 

Believe it or not, these are 100% tangible garments that you can wear on a daily basis. You’ll feel them on your skin, and your skin will love them. 

What is your sizing? 

Our digital print tees* are limited to S/M/L sizes, but our shorts and screen-printed tees range from XS-XL! 

*The digital print shirts do run a bit small, so you’ve been warned, but everything else runs true to size. 

Here's the sizing chart for our shorts:

But I'm outside of the XS-XL range? What do I do? 

For now, email us at hello.newneighbors@gmail.com! We'd be happy to make a custom pair of shorts for you in your size. 

Why do you have two different fits for the shorts?

We have a straight and a curvy fit. The straight fit has a few extra inches of fabric at the waistband for those who want a roomier fit around the crotch area. The curvy fit (sorry we couldn’t think of a better term for it) simply offers less crotch coverage, if you don’t need or want the extra room, but is probably more suitable for people with hips.  

What does New Neighbors mean? 

New Neighbors is our very first collection under Torborg Hardwin! It is active/streetwear for cool and/or tacky people like you and me. We are the fun new neighbors that just moved in next door and we want you to join our cult. Hope that clears things up.  

Where are your clothes made? 

Our shorts are completely handmade by Whitney in the basement of our parents house in Massachusetts. Our t-shirts are designed in the U.S., and digitally printed and constructed in London. 


Why are your shorts so expensive?

For what you're getting, these babies are a verrrrry fair price. You'll feel a lot better about spending 40 extra dollars for a pair of shorts made by a small business instead of supporting fast fashion and horrible labor conditions! This is the same reason they are made to order in small batches. Less waste, and no exploitation :) 

Who are you? 

We are Mitch, we are Whitney. We are Mitch and Whitney. More importantly we are Torborg. Sibling things. We design and make and laugh until we die.


Shipping policies? 

You can expect any t-shirt or hat orders to be shipped within two business days. As for shorts, they are handmade to order, so you can expect them to ship out in approximately 4-6 business days so that we have an appropriate amount of time to make them. 


What’s your return policy? 

All sales are final so choose wisely :) 

I have a question that’s not on here?

Okay well that’s more of a statement than a question, but feel free to email us at hello.newneighbors@gmail.com